Venture Klan Presents: Something Ventured


Have you heard Venture Klan’s podcast yet?  

We launched Something Ventured last year for 3 main reasons:

  1. To provide continuous content for you, our supporters

  2. To give a personal look at who we are outside of music

  3. To connect with you guys on a deeper level

When it comes to making music, our process isn’t to spit out tracks week after week. As artists, sometimes the right vibe takes time to create and we never want to rush the process.

But with a podcast, you can get to know us better and get inside our heads a little.

We cover topics like pop culture, anime, real life issues, and more!

Told you we like talking shit.


We even offer a guest spot on the podcast as a prize for some of our contests. So make sure you’re following Venture Klan’s instagram to keep up with contest announcements.

If you’re new to our podcast feel free to catch up on our episodes by clicking any of the YouTube links below:

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Go! Do it now Gohan!