A Call To Those Who Venture


Hey Family, welcome to Venture Klan's official blog, our direct line to you, those who venture!

We’re excited to bring dope and original content, from our music to our podcast, straight to your face!


If you're new to Venture Klan's content, we're a couple of guys who love rap, anime, and talking shit. (Feel free to check out our music, videos, podcast and merch!)

Are you bored with mumble rap? Sick of hearing the same song year after year?

Do you want to listen to music that means something again?

We feel you! A lot of rap fans say that nothing is genuine nowadays, but we know being real is never out of style. We believe in staying true to ourselves, doing what we love, and sharing it with the world.

Our music doesn’t just feel good, it has a purpose: to empower others to be authentic.

Here’s what will be featured on this blog:

  • New Music, Videos, and Event Updates

  • Podcast Highlights

  • Contests and Giveaways

  • More!

We will also be introducing our new monthly Fan Feature! Every month we will have a contest and feature the winner on our blog.

As our Fan of the month, you’ll receive special prizes like free merch, free show tickets, a guest spot on our podcast and more!

Make sure you’re following our Instagram page because that’s where we’ll be announcing our contest rules.

We will choose a winner on the first Monday of each new month starting this summer.

Plus we’re dropped our new single, “2:06 p.m.” on #WinningWednesday so make sure you check that out!

So that’s it for now! We appreciate you taking the time to check us out. We promise to always give you creative lyrics, interesting instrumentals, and most importantly, content you can relate to.

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Now go stream our latest album, “We Good” and check out our EPK!

Go! Do it now Gohan!