“...And they are good indeed! With a passion for lyricism, flaming hot beats and vividly intrusive flows, the Harlem-based hip-hop duo continues its emerging dominance as not just artists, but a movement as well.”

- The Fox and The King Inc.

Venture Klan is a Harlem based rap duo who has found a way to fuse elements found predominantly within New York City hip-hop with their own anime influenced sound to create a style that is original but leaves listeners with a sense of familiarity.

Through the use of hard-hitting, gritty instrumentals and lyricism combined with contrasting cadences and a countless supply of anime/ pop culture references, Venture Klan is able to tell their story as two young men who embody the spirit of Harlem while adding something new to the mix.

Venture Klan is comprised of two members; Ave Campbell and BukDaWorld, who created the group in 2007 as high school classmates. The two bonded over their many shared interests and failure to gravitate towards one aspect of their personality, which is common in most high school cliques. The name Venture Klan stems from Ave and Buk’s competitive nature. The two of them would often be seen challenging each other to various tasks and activities; eventually leading to them writing music. The name also pays homage to legendary hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan as well as popular anime “Naruto” where groups of ninjas who shared common traits were identified as being members of the same family or clan.

As Venture Klan began creating music on a more consistent basis; they were also forced to face the harshness of reality. Following the deaths of several classmates and family members to illness and gun violence and the displacement of others due to the increased presence of gentrification in Harlem, the two became more involved in their community. Each year the group participates in charitable events including the NYC Breast Cancer Walk in honor of Ave’s aunt who died from the disease in 2011. The music they created would not only express their interest in the japanese anime culture but would be a bridge to connect their personal experiences to those of the listener.

Not ones to shy away from the opportunity to rap in front of an audience, Venture Klan has performed all across the tri-state area. In 2017 the duo performed in several cities in New Jersey as part of the Dear Jersey Empowerment Tour hosted by Hot 97’s own DJ Drewski. Most recently, Venture Klan has had the privilege of sharing stages with hip-hop legends such as Kool Keith (Ultramagnetic MC’s), Chi Ali, Prince Paul and Leaders of the New School.

Aside from performing and reading their favorite mangas, Venture Klan is constantly working on new music. The duo recently released their newest single “2:06pm”.